Dalin Tevelen Denal

Chief Medical Officer, USS Thunderchild


Cardassian Male holding the Military rank of Dalin (Equivelant to LT. Commander) in the Cardassian Medical Corps. He is on board Thunderchild as a representative of Cardassia to the interspecies medical exchange. more info, and better formatting coming later.


Having grown up on Cardassia in a family with a proud tradition of military service, Denal joined the Cardassian Military as soon as he was legally able to. However, much to the embarrassment of his father, He decided to Join the medical corps instead of opting for the command track. After training His first post was as a field medic for the occupational forces of Bajor. There he honed his combat medical techniques and demonstrated his bravery enough to earn a promotion from Glinn to Gil. From there, he was given a post in a military hospital on Cardassia, where he was apprenticed to a surgeon, did night shifts on the ER, and acted as a general practicioner on call. he performed these duties admirably again earning advancement to the rank of Dalin. He also got the honor of being selected by the Cardassian military as a representative to the Inter-species medical exchange. Naturally, Cardassian medical methods are superior to those of other cultures, but even the Cardasians will admit that sometimes there is something to be learned from the methods of others, however crude they are. Having been assigned to Thunderchild, Denal is happy to teach the starfleet personnel in his department how to properly do medical care, while also taking the opportunity learn what he can from them. more info and better formatting coming later.

Dalin Tevelen Denal

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